Our Team

AfterFive by Design, LLC  – a Maine based company has been designing and developing web sites for over 20 years. Our team is made up of highly skilled graphic designers and programmers with years of experience. Our combined talents produce amazing web sites that achieve results.



As founder of AfterFive by Design, Todd leads the company by setting the direction for day-to-day process and long-term growth. He attributes the past 20 years of successful website development to having a clearly defined focus on helping clients achieve their online goals. Todd works to ensure our design and development process incorporates the highest levels of personal attention, respect and partnership. When not behind a computer he can be found behind the wheel of his 1974 MGB.


Frontend Developer

The software developer guy (you know, PHP, Javascript, obscure things like that), thinks in code, speaks in code. Outside of computers, an aspiring politician. Oh and you wouldn't want to touch his food. Ever.


Frontend Developer

Is a graphic designer and web developer. He has completed a four-year postsecondary program which included C+ and Visual Basic.net programming. He has experience in ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS and Photoshop. Pierre's first step in web design and development was around twelve years ago, when together with his two other friends he created a real estate website and software for a company. His main hobbies are soccer, watching Formula 1, music and of course technology-related things. He also enjoys watching action movies but really hates the science fiction ones.


Head Of Development

Works as a web developer and graphic designer who specializes in HTML/CSS, PHP, and Flash. From the age of 12, he started building his own simple GeoCities websites and he specialized in IT subjects during his secondary and postsecondary education. Internet, media and IT-related things are his favorite topics and hobbies. In fact, Paul also worked as a radio DJ in a local community radio station, presenting a 2-hour program every Sunday morning for more than 10 years. In his free time Paul listens to music and watches DVDs.


Backend Developer

Works as a front-end/web developer specializing in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and CMS platforms such as Wordpress. She is also knowledgeable in graphic design using Adobe Photoshop. She is involved in many different projects, which her main tasks are related to front-end such as online gaming system, hotel reservation systems, e-commerce sites, e-learning portal, and company websites. When time and budget permits, she also loves wandering in different places. She recently discovered a love of baking cookies and cupcakes. Ana spends time with her family, closest friends and relatives over a cup of coffee/tea or bunch with a bottle of beer or a shot of whisky.


Senior Backend Developer

Has been developing websites since the age of 17, and has started shifting from the front-end technologies of HTML/CSS/Javascript to developing the backend solutions which power websites, using technologies like Node.js, PHP, Angular and React. Tom's hobbies include mixed martial arts and keeping up to date with technology related news and gadgets.


Business Development Manager

With a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management, and work experience for International hotel chains, Carolin brings along a strong Sales Background with a key focus on Revenue Management, Channel Management and Digital Sales.

Her Master's Degree in International Sales & Marketing supports her daily duties such as providing marketing expertise to a client base across various industries and countries, developing and delivering clear and effective client proposals and presentations, project management, business development, social media management, organization of digital activities and analytical reporting.


Content Director

MJ is a respected executive with a distinguished career leading operations, sales/marketing, and business development initiatives for diverse domestic markets. She has had repeated success guiding sizable, cross-functional teams in the design and launch of leading-edge technological and business solutions, many of which are focused around web presence development.

Ms. Crace is an expert presenter and negotiator; able to forge solid relationships with strategic partners and build consensus across multiple organizational levels. As Content Director for AfterFive by Design, the client and organization both benefit from her vast experience and years of leadership.

MJ has two children and four grandchildren, the eldest is proudly serving our country in the U.S. Military. She is an avid gardener as well as former television Cooking Show host and chef. She can still be found emceeing events and giving cooking demonstrations in the area, from time to time. And when she’s not working in one of her many endeavors; her favorite hobby is riding on the back of her companion’s Harley Davidson, to parts unknown.


Noble House B&B

"As of yesterday, 24 hours into the new site, we had already received 2 wedding inquiries and several reservations!!!"

Erica, SmokeEnds

Thanks for making all those special changes for us and getting back to us while you were out of the office.  True customer service right there!! Thanks for always being at our beck and call!!

Larry Levine, Kids Can Make A Difference

You continue to be my hero. Without you, the program would not be as effective as it is today. Your professionalism continues to shine through and KIDS feels that we are important to you and your team.