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What AfterFive by Design does is to make sure your company is found through the best search engine optimization on the planet, bar none.  When search engines find you we will make sure that your customers connect with you because you are so compelling, you speak their language, you care about the same things that they care about. And then you will be able to be the hero that you built the entire company around.

So really what it comes down to is for you to decide whether or not you are ready to transform your life, transform your business.

Here’s how we will help you connect with your customers when they need your help.

  1. We will help by bringing more traffic to your site. When your website is ranking on the first page of Google, more people are going to click on your website and this results in a bigger stream of visitors on a regular basis. Keep in mind that if your website is not on the first page of Google, there’s a big possibility that you will not get a return on your web design investment.
  1. More traffic to your site means more brand awareness but also more sales. The bigger the stream of visitors, the more sales or leads you can generate. The number of sales or leads is also dependent on how clever your website has been designed and how much focus there is on quickly converting the potential customer through your sales funnel. Our SEO experts will make sure your website is optimized for conversion.
  1. We will get you on the radar of local searches. A good amount of searches on Google are local. This means that people are making searches in the location where they are bound to consume the product /service.  We will help you get ranked locally for specific keywords related to your industry so that you can harvest sales from local neighbourhood.
  1. More visibility on search engines results in a stronger brand. If you’re being found more and more, than that means that people are becoming more familiar with your brand. A brand that is more recognised is intrinsically stronger! We call it the snowball effect i.e. more visitors to your website = more leads = more customers = more referrals from your customers. The cost of acquisition per customer will reduce drastically over time. This also leads to more loyal customers!
  1. We will get you closer to those customers who are intent on making the purchase today. We at AfterFive by Design SEO company in Portland Maine are experts in our field and we know exactly what makes customers tick. Our years of experience in search engine optimization means that we have in-depth knowledge of key phrases used by customers, the search volume of those phrases, and we will help your website rank for those buyer intent keywords.

You’d better not waste your years on something that isn’t genuine and that isn’t you. Or on anything that you don’t truly love. And this is where we come in – To make sure your life’s worth doesn’t die inside you, we help breathe life into it and make it real. And most of all out of the love for the people you serve we make sure your business kicks the ass of every other lame, passionless and generic business on your market.

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What is SEO?

There is no simple answer to this question but SEO or search engine optimisation is about being able to understand how a search engine works. As a consumer when you are looking for a Portland Maine SEO Agency, you found this page through the power of search engines. We keep up to date with current algorithm changes and focusing on what works i.e. quality vs quantity.  In order to be able to create the best possible site with the appropriate content and conversion aspects that gets found and ranked highly by Google and that the visitor will gladly use.

So essentially SEO is the exercise of getting your website to the top of Google, where your prospective customers can see you, to the point of ranking higher than your competitors.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

How we do it:

Step 1: First things first – Keyword research is a must

The first thing that we look at are the keywords.   Without keyword analysis, it is difficult to focus Search Engine Optimisation efforts.   During our keyword research exercise our Maine SEO expert look at the most important keywords, at specific keywords that will bring you laser targeted visitors, who are not just looking to spend some time on the internet but who are actually searching for products and services that you as a business owner has to offer.

Each keyword is also analysed in terms of competition; how easy/difficult it is to achieve a good ranking for it.  We come up with a series of keywords including long-tailed keywords, i.e. keywords which are made up of a phrase as opposed to a single word or a couple of words.

Step 2:  Website Analysis

The next step is auditing the website of the company and other presences to ensure that they are consistent.  With regards to the website we look at titles and page descriptions to ensure that they are the way they should be. We also look at the content and images vis-à-vis the relevancy of the keywords chosen.

We identify poor, weak or broken areas in your website that could be weighing you down from reaching higher ranking.

We will help you become more established as an authority in your market.  Under our guidance, the website will flourish to yield the return on investment that you originally had in mind when you opted to build it!


Why you can trust us? 

  1. We will propose a solution that’s tailor-made for you, explain what we will deliver and what it will cost you and stick with it.
  1. We will tell you upfront what it takes to achieve a good ranking in your industry or target market.
  1. We will send you weekly reports but more than that you will see orders come in for yourself!
  1. We’ve been doing this long enough to understand the world of search engines better than most.
  1. We are genuine and honest. As a dedicated team of professionals in Portland Maine, we care about your success.  Because your success will also be our success, we want you to tell your network about how great we are and how we have dramatically changed your life forever.


Royal River Heat Pumps

I work for a cluster of radio stations here in Portland, ME, and Scott Libby at Royal River Heat Pumps is one of my marketing clients. I am gathering together some info for a presentation I'm making to him, and I had to stop to compliment your work. The RRHP site is BEAUTIFUL-- easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, engaging, and informative. It presents the company in the best light possible-- if I were a prospective customer considering where to place sizable chunk of change for a heating system installation, that site would convince me that these guys are the real deal. That is some real marketing art-- well done!!!!!!!! M. Barnard Portland Radio Group

Lynn Plourde

I have high standards, and AfterFive by Design exceeded my expectations in every way. As a kids’ book author, I needed a site that was fun, playful, organized, cutting-edge, and easy for ME to update—I got all that and more! I kept hearing from others, “The site is so YOU!” I could have gotten a cookie-cutter website anywhere; but thanks to AfterFive, my site is one-of-a-kind and is getting me noticed and getting me business!

Heidi – Manpower Maine

I have two screens and did a side by side comparison of our old site and the new one. It is FLIPPING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!