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Myrtle Beach

Do you know what type of devices your customers are viewing your website on? Is it a standard desktop, a tablet or a smartphone? We believe that in order to reap the best return on your web design and web development investment, you need a responsive website designed to adjust and cater for different devices. At AfterFive by Design, a South Carolina web design company, we’ve been in the industry for 20 years. We know the important aspects of a successful website that you cannot afford to miss.

Web design is a very important facet of digital marketing because any website needs to provide a convenient, useful and appealing design that helps the customer in getting the service he or she needs. Web design that either frustrates the user or is confusing rarely generates repeat and loyal visitors, let alone that kind of visitor who are willing to leave a positive review for your business.

We’re focused on designing websites from our location in Myrtle Beach SC. Whether your objective is generating more leads and sales or to rank your website on the first page of google we know how to design websites that lead customers across the customer journey with the right call for action.

Need our help: We’re ready to support you in the quest to reach your customers and start reaping more returns. Simply describe what you have in mind and we’ll plan out a website that delivers!


Noble House B&B

"As of yesterday, 24 hours into the new site, we had already received 2 wedding inquiries and several reservations!!!"

Annette, Harbor Ridge Resort

You obviously have the website touch!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!  If you ever need a referral for business, we’ll gladly give you a glowing one!  You are always extremely prompt and professional and pleasant and the list goes on and on!!


My apologies for bothering you as you were sitting down for Easter dinner. The problem was my browsers cache. One thing that always continues to impress me is your accessibility. I have had a lot of problems but they are rarely to do with your hosting and you always solve them quickly. Good job. I am a happy customer. Your hosting is worth every penny.